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At Katz Tires, we take pride in offering the best customer experience to Columbus, OH, Blacklick Estates, OH and Bexley, OH. We strive to provide our customers with the best experience possible each visit.

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Katz Tires
These guys are awesome, reasonable price and excellent service. Before going to them, enquired most of the shops for the tire cost and service, these guys gave best price with a quick service.
Katz Tires
I had a flat on my truck and had to get towed in. �Partially because Chevy has a bunch of fail safes on their under-mounted spares and one of them was bent so the tire couldn't dislodge. �I asked the guy actually doing my service if he would take a look at it for me and he just said "if it's broke, there's nothing I can do about it." �I also had no idea why my tire was flat so I asked him if he could take a look while it was on there. �When I was done I asked the guy in front (who was really nice, and I feel bad giving anything less than five stars to him) asked if he had checked on the cause and he just loudly said "NOPE." �The guy from the front rolled it over and gave it a once over but I think without being inflated it's kind of impossible to really tell.
Katz Tires
Quite honestly I like this place more than �3 stars. But knowing how most people need to be entertained or pampered while they wait for service so I went with 3. I was in & out within 20 mins. w/ a fresh tire. I love straight to the point service. It's an old place but before the mega box tire warehouses it was probably the �neighborhood place to go for tires.
Showing 101-103 of 103 reviews
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